WACEP Legislative Activity Updates

September 21, 2016 10:21 AM | Sally Winkelman (Administrator)

Lisa Maurer, MD, WACEP Treasurer

I recently had an opportunity to participate with other WACEP board members and our Chapter lobbyist at two important events affecting emergency physicians in Wisconsin.

On September 1, we met with a group of emergency physicians from the Milwaukee-based group ERMED to discuss both our top legislative priority, improving Medicaid reimbursement for EMTALA-related services, and how our membership can work with ERMED to help with the effort. Thanks to the physicians of that group for their time and enthusiasm! Many expressed an interest in helping with our Chapter efforts to improve reimbursement, and were willing to contribute to our Political Action Committee. Please consider making a PAC donation today! 

Also on September 1, I was among several WACEP board members who attended a round-table discussion hosted by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis) regarding the opioid epidemic. A primary focus of the discussion was the important Promoting Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) Act, which aims to exclude certain pain-related measures for purposes of calculating incentive payments under the value-based purchasing program. Senator Johnson highlighted the need to reeducate ourselves as physicians on alternatives to opioids, as well as the crucial need to educate our patients about safer and more effective modes of pain control.  

A big thanks goes out to WACEP member Tim Westlake, MD, who serves as Vice Chair of the Medical Examining Board, for his participation on the panel. His presence shed light on the EM physician perspective relating to this important issue.