Priority Issues

Issue: Medicaid Reimbursement
  • WACEP and its lobbyist are working diligently to protect our state's emergency medical system by replacing abnormally low Medicaid rates with those used by Medicare for emergency services. 
    • View WACEP/ACEP/EDPMA comments on Wisconsin's proposed amendments to 1115 Medicaid Waiver (link)
    • View WACEP handout distributed at Doctor Day 2017 (link)
    • View WMS summary of reimbursement rates for various EM codes (link)
Issue: Opioid Prescribing in Emergency Departments
  • Wisconsin ACEP has developed emergency department specific guidelines for opioid prescribing (link)
Issue: Body Cavity Searches
  • Wisconsin ACEP has developed a summary of recent legislation that brings legal protections to providers who perform body cavity searches (link)
Issue: Eliminating Barriers to the Advancement of Women in Emergency Medicine
  • Wisconsin ACEP has adopted a policy statement on best practices to eliminate barriers to the advancement of women in emergency medicine (link)