COVID-19 Resources

Emergency Medicine Resources

  • ACEP COVID-19 Resource Page (link
  • ACEP COVID-19 Members-Only Forum (link)  Not yet signed up for this Forum? Join here
  • ACEP COVID-19 Provider Preparedness Checklist (link)
  • ACEP Physician Wellness Resources (including free counseling for members) (link)
  • Reporting Hospitals for Restricting PPE Usage (link)
  • ACEP Policy Statement on PPE (link

  • ACEP Statements on Physician Protections (link

  • (March 26, 2020) CMS Interim Final Rule - EMTALA and Alternate Transport Destination (link

  • (March 30, 2020) EMTALA Requirements and Implications Related to COVID-19 (link

State Resources

  • Analysis of CARES Act by Wisconsin's Legislative Fiscal Bureau (link)
  • LRB 5920/P2 - proposed legislation that would increase general fund appropriations and create an unlimited GPR sum sufficient appropriation under DHS for funding related to the public health emergency (link)
  • Wisconsin Dept of Children and Families (DCF) Child Care Resources (link
  • Wisconsin Temporary Changes to Telehealth Policy (link) | Additional Services to be provided by Telehealth (link)
  • Wisconsin Temporary Changes to Clinical Policy and Prior Authorization (link)
  • Wisconsin Safer at Home Order (link)
  • Wisconsin DHS COVID-19 page (link)
  • Wisconsin Temporary License of Physicians (link)

National / Global Resources

  • CDC COVID-19 page (link
  • CMS Activity in Response to COVID-19 (link)
  • World Health Organization COVID-19 page (link)
  • (April 2, 2020) WACEP Policy & Advocacy Update (link)
  • (April 1, 2020) Gov Evers Announces 2nd Package of Legislative Proposals Providing COVID-19 Relief & Support (link)
  • (April 1, 2020) ForwardHealth Expands List of Drugs Available Through Expedited Emergency Supply (link)
  • (March 31, 2020) Wisconsin Receives Additional PPE from Strategic National Stockpile (link
  • (March 31, 2020) CMS Policies and Waivers that Provide Regulatory Flexibility to Physicians (link
  • (March 31, 2020) Governor Announces New Public-Private Partnership to Increase COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Capacity  (link
  • (March 31, 2020) Wisconsin Assembly to consider emergency Medicaid waiver (link
  • (March 30, 2020) CMS Approves the Use of ED E/M Codes for Telehealth (link)
  • (March 28, 2020) Governor Issues Order to Expedite Expansion, Enhance Efficiency of Healthcare Workforce (link
  • (March 25, 2020) Wisconsin Releases Updated Telehealth Guidelines (link)
  • (March 25, 2020) Wisconsin "Safer at Home" Order (link)
  • (March 23, 2020) Wisconsin Requests FEMA Assistance in Obtaining Protective Medical Supplies (link)
  • (March 18, 2020) Temporary License for Emergency Physicians in WI (link)
  • (March 17, 2020) WACEP President's Message: Emergency Physicians Provide the First Line of Defense Against COVID-19 in Wisconsin (link)